Everything is Editing:
Bill Russo on Blue Murder, intuition,
and that Small Dark Room

published in Metro Magazine
Australia, 2004

John Kelly: Poet on a Flying Trapeze
published in American Theatre Magazine
New York, 1993

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything...
To Die For
Melrose Place (Television)
Sacred Country (Novel)

published in the San Francisco Bay Times
San Francisco, 1995-1997

Sacred Country, Rose Tremain's 1992 novel, has recently been released in paperback. It was pretty much ignored by the gay community when it first came out, which is too bad, because it's a beautifully written, moving and enormously compassionate story of an English girl's discovery that she feels more like a man that a woman. It's a quirky story, filled with odd and frightening characters - a butcher's son who sings himself mute trying to yodel, a gay dentist who lives with his mother on a cliff slowly crumbling into the sea, a woman driven insane by her violent husband - all of which add up to a piercing and insightful map of loneliness.
Tremain writes simple sentences, straight- forward language which changes subtly to reflect the passing of the 30 years the novel covers. It's a smart choice, the simplicity. Sometimes the novel is confident and direct, as when Mary, the protagonist, tells her pet