Everything is Editing:
Bill Russo on Blue Murder, Intuition,
and that Small Dark Room

published in Metro Magazine
Australia, 2004

John Kelly: Poet on a Flying Trapeze
published in American Theatre Magazine
New York, 1993

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything...
To Die For
Melrose Place (Television)
Sacred Country (Novel)

published in the San Francisco Bay Times
San Francisco, 1995-1997

It's hard for me to do anything but gasp and squeal when I watch Melrose Place. I move closer to the edge of my recliner with every knifed back, spurned advance, and hiked hemline. By the end of each episode, I'm exhausted and relieved: When Aristotle spoke of catharsis, he must have had Aaron Spelling in mind.
The show's fourth season premiere aired last week, and it had a lot of loose ends to tie up. At the end of last season's cliffhanger finale, Jake and his brother were plummeting toward the ground from three stories up; Matt was being arrested for murder; and Kimberly was about to blow up the apartment complex where they all live.
More happens on a single episode of Melrose Place than on an entire season of most other soaps, and the premiere was no exception. The bomb detonated, several minor characters were killed, and Jake escaped death