Everything is Editing:
Bill Russo on Blue Murder, Intuition,
and that Small Dark Room

published in Metro Magazine
Australia, 2004

John Kelly: Poet on a Flying Trapeze
published in American Theatre Magazine
New York, 1993

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything...
To Die For
Melrose Place (Television)
Sacred Country (Novel)

published in the San Francisco Bay Times
San Francisco, 1995-1997

Honestly, I thought we'd gotten past making films about women forced to choose between family and career. True, as late as the eighties, we had films like Mommie Dearest, which showed us just how horrible life was if your mother worked and you had to clean the house. But things changed. And obscure but inspiring Belgian film called Jeanne Dielman took the feminist position that working mothers were overly burdened and ultimately driven insane by a patriarchal society. But since that film consisted mostly of 3 1/2 hours of images of Jeanne peeling potatoes, it didn't receive a lot of mainstream attention. Picking up where Jeanne Dielman left off, Working Girl proved that you could have a great job and a great guy too. And Sigourney Weaver's relationship with that adorable and spunky urchin in Aliens should have put to rest any doubts about a woman's ability to be a good mother and handle heavy